Lowest Common Denominator

part of our development series

written by dave deveau, directed by cameron mackenzie

Harmony is slowly recovering from a messy divorce and ends up on a date with Peter, an insurance salesman. But after a blissful booze-filled night, Harmony finds Peter in bed with her seventeen year old son Trevor. Lowest Common Denominator examines intergenerational relationships and delves into the human darkness that exists just underneath a thin skin.

“Zee Zee Theatre is developing Lowest Common Denominator because I believe intergenerational relationships, specifically between two men, are a highly controversial, complicated affair that unlike their heterosexual counterparts often get written off as perversion or abuse. Zee Zee Theatre very much wants to explore all sides of this story, investigating what makes this just so sensitive.” -Cameron Mackenzie, Director

Featuring Deborah Williams, Shawn MacDonald, and Jordan Jenkins.